One look at my wardrobe, and you would see a large collection of different scarves and colorful, bold necklaces. However, my love for these two fashion accessories were always at odds – Why did the scarf have to cover the necklace? Why did the necklace have to get stuck in the scarf?

A solution to this style quandary came to me while shopping at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul a few summers ago. I stumbled upon a beautiful scarf that was unlike any other I had seen – it had a hanging silver pendant surrounded by several shiny beads and rings. I immediately bought one for myself… and then bought a few extra. I gave those extras as gifts and they were a huge hit.

As I wore the scarf to work and around town, several friends and co-workers – and even some strangers – would come up and ask me about it. Where did I get it? How could they get one? I had never seen a scarf similar in a local store, so I did what I thought was best: I decided to make them myself. My husband and I jumped right in and got to work.

What started as a simple craft project has grown into so much more than I ever could have imagined. We are now working with over 20 colors, 50 different pendants, and 30 types of beads. To top it all off, we are finding great success selling scarves at the different craft fairs we attend.

Thank you for supporting us at Jesby Scarves! Here you can see where we will be selling our scarves next, order one (or more) of our scarves online, and even request your own custom-made Jesby Scarf. Enjoy!


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  1. Hello, I don’t know if you’d be interested in being a Vendor at a nurses conference on April 30th in Winchester, VA. Please let me know. Thank you. Kate Kelley 571-344-4224

  2. Is it possible to buy your products online? I love the rings, etc. on your scarves, but on your website it doesn’t have information about if they can be ordered, costs, etc.

    • Hello Pat- I’m so glad you like my jeweled scarves! At this time you can’t order directly from the website. You can e-mail me what scarf you want, or I can customize it for you (ex: black scarf with a dragonfly pendant). The cost is $20 for the multicolor and $25 for the solid pashmina, plus shipping and handling unless you live in the Northern Virginia area. Thanks for you interest in the scarves! Carmen

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